Manual Coffee Grinder

coffee-grinder-reviewEvery coffee expert knows that freshly ground beans give the best flavour.  Pre-ground coffee quickly oxidises after opening resulting in a stale taste. Buying fresh beans gives you both freedom of choice and better flavour coffee.

But quality electric grinders that won’t hack your lovely beans to pieces are very costly. We found a small, manual coffee grinder that is perfect for every coffee lover: Clara’s Coffee Manual Coffee Grinder.

What Coffee Beans to Buy

In order to get the best tasting coffee, try and find recently roasted whole beans. Most packaging will have a “roast-on” date. Make sure to use the freshest roast you can find, at the most within a few weeks of the roast date. The freshly roasted coffee should have a thin film of the coffee oil still on the bean. You can find fresh roasted beans in specialty food stores, coffee shops, and you can even buy them online.

How do I choose the right grind size?

manual-coffee-bean-grinder-reviewThere are several different ways to brew coffee and each method has an optimal grind size for the best tasting coffee. Use the guide below to help you decide what grind size to use based on brew method:

Medium – Drip Coffee Makers (flat bottom filters)
Fine – Drip Coffee Makers (cone filters)
Coarse – French Press, Vacuum Coffee Pots and Percolator
Extra Fine – Espresso Machines
Fine – Espresso Moka Pots
Turkish – Ibrik

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