Fresh Basil Crew Product Review Blog

infuser-water-recipesIn our circle of friends, we are always the people asked to give opinions on products — mostly because we always say the truth! And we know what we’re talking about… (at least we tend to think so)

So why not share our opinions with everyone?

And, since we wanted to create a little blog where we could review whatever we wanted, Fresh Basil Crew was born!

So really, why should you trust us? Let us share some secrets of the crew.

Who We Are and Why We Review Products


We’re a group of 3 people who stay in a lovely, warm city called Miami in Florida. Since Miami is often called the “Capital of Latin America”, we get a taste of all kinds of products, both American and South American.

coffee-grinder-reviewWith all this experience trying so many different types of products, we have developed a good sensibility to what products should look like, feel like, and work like.

We review all different kinds of items. For example, infuser water bottles, manual coffee grinders, chocolate candy molds, lego ice cube trays, spice grinders, kitchen knives, and so much more! So give our reviews a read and let us know what you think!

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